AI4VN Summit 2019: The milestone of forming Vietnamese artificial intelligence community

30_Phiên toàn thể AI4VN_4On Friday, Aug 16 2019, Vietnam Union of AI Institutions and Industry (VINA3I) was established at Hanoi University of Science and Technology. This event is the next step in an action series that the Government of Vietnam holds to direct the country to enter the AI and Digital Transformation evolution. Different from Vietnam Digital Transformation Alliance, which is directed by big Corporations and IT Giants of Vietnam, VINA3I appears as the playground for many startups and new grown companies. The summit impressed participants with a plentiful AI discussion topics and insight visions from global corporations.

Located right after entering the exhibition zone is the autonomous car booth, winners of Digital Race 2018 – 2019, powered by FPT Corporation.  As observed by authors, all cars ran smoothly inside the lane, properly avoided obstacles (which were changed randomly over time), and followed correctly signal boards’ instruction. The heart of impressive movements is DIRA – the AI open source. Developed by FPT Corporation, the source will be shared to AI community in Vietnam with hopes to unite the autonomous vehicle community and bring it to next levels of improvement. The Corp also brought its commercialized products such as FPT AI, FUNiX program, and soon to be one e.g. akaTrans to the summit. With their unique and great values, these products got interests from students, rivals, investors, and future customers.

At the center of the show is a young startup with its face recognition solution to improve customer experience for traditional commerce. Collaborating personal information with face pattern, the application can recognize customers whenever they enter the store with full information and current emotion. This up-to-date information will help salespersons have appropriate actions to boost customer experience and sales. The solution has just been released and the startup is looking for chances to commercialize the product.  This practical approach can also be seen in the next store, from a Japanese and Vietnamese collaborated company, but is already in commercialized. As face recognition algorithm has already proved its value in business, the competence in commercializing the technology becomes more intense. FPT Software already commercialized a similar product – Emotion analysis a few years ago.

Without any booth, an AI developing non-profit organization brought an inspiring story to AI4VN summit. Founded by two PhDs, the team builds its values on the purpose of bringing the Vietnam AI community to the world class level. Collaborating with young Vietnamese talents, the team wants to share machine & deep learning training knowledge over its 10-week bootcamp. Although having a smooth start, from author’s point of view, the program only slightly touches the insight of the trendy technology. This course should be rated for beginners, who have no idea, but are interested and want to move into the field. To improve the course’s output quality, it would be better to request trainees to take pre-requisite courses such as introduction to programming, calculus, and statistics before entering the bootcamp. Moreover, for further development, the program should collaborate with more experienced instructors from both academic and industrial fields. “The journey of a thousand miles begin with one step”, and it is the successful step of the young organization toward to a new evolution of the country.

The summit official was also hot with discussions from different aspects of IT industry. Well known for its relational database and the famous programming language, an international corporation came to the summit with an insightful approach. When the whole world is discussing about new trendy technologies such as Machine Learning, AI, IoT, it is this Giant who saw through the current separation between relational and non-relational database. While relational database is the norm for traditional businesses, non-relational database emerges as the optimized solution for big data applications. How to combine these two needs into a single platform to utilize the business efficiency, the answer can be seen in the Corp’s solution. As FPT is exploring more big data potential, should this unified solution be considered as the new trend for database system?

 While big data is widely used in e-commerce applications as it improves the customer experience, security and data privacy must be considered to keep commercial data in confidential. To guarantee 24/7 services for commercial size, there are tons of products in Vietnamese market, in which we will focus on some solutions from Vietnam ICT service providers. One service comes from a business solution company of a Vietnam militarily Corporation. It is a services using the cloud solution with machine learning support to detect and reduce DDoS attack for its customers’ e-commerce services. The solution is a popular adaptive architecture for DDoS protection method. The machine learning algorithm is trained to detect abnormal behavior of the network, in this case, the DDoS pattern, and activate the CDN architecture to absorb DDoS throughput. The 1 year old solution is in its starting point and can potentially become one of CyRadar’s rivals (startup invested by FPT Ventures and recognized by Google’s information security partner) in Vietnam market.

Started AI researching, developing, and commercializing from 2013, FPT is the first Vietnamese corporation to realize the future affections of AI on life and business. With the first comprehensive AI platform of Vietnam – FPT AI, FPT Software has been providing services and solutions for firms in many vertical industries. Leading the IT industry in Vietnam with Digital Transformation (2016) and AI (2018), the Company is acting as a big brother in guiding the country’s AI community; developing & sharing AI open sources for Vietnamese developers; directing IT, different vertical industries, and the Government of Vietnam to apply up-to-date technologies into their business process. AI evolution is still in its early stage, it is still time and chances for FPT Software, FPT Corporation and Vietnam to extending its capability to a new level. FPT Software has chosen the proper time to enter the AI and Digital Transformation evolutions, all we needs now is patience and passion to continuously moving forward on the rugged road.



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