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Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence: A Sensible Mash-up in Vaccine Rollout

Are You Ready for QA Automation?

As you look across the technology landscape you see the rise of new technologies, more processing power, and continued innovation.  However, even in this...

Self-Driving the Future of Parcel Delivery

Last-mile delivery, as the name would suggest, refers to the final miles of a parcel’s journey to the customers’ doorsteps. Despite its minor role,...

The "Next Normal" Imperative: Getting the Cloud Citizenship

In the next normal, companies unable to unlock the cloud's full potential might not achieve the desired operational agility and velocity.  

The Value of AI in Mortgage Document Processing

One of the more positive changes that have been embraced over the past year is digitization, especially in the mortgage industry, where piles of paperwork...

Industrial Internet of Things - Gateway to Building Smart Factories

Manufacturers have called out the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) as critical in their digital transformation initiatives, but only a handful has...

Think Big – Start Smart – Scale Very Fast to Ace Digital Transformation

FPT Digital KaizenTM will act as a viable solution to removing the roadblocks of digital transformation implementation.

An Outlook of Cloud Managed Services for Enterprises

Exploring how enterprises can benefit from partnering with Cloud managed service providers.

Predictive Analytics in Aviation: Sky is the Limit

The pandemic is undoubtedly upsetting the status quo of aviation. It not only attacks incumbent's sources of profit but also triggers the waves of advances...

Pandemic Recovery: The Resurgence of Cloud

The COVID-19 pandemic was a real test of resiliency, scalability and capability to quickly transform. In response to such uncertainty, cloud has become an in

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