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A Future beyond Brick and Mortar: How Technology Can Transform Retail

A closer look at how retailers can make use of technologies to facilitate customer experience.  

Three Ways Low-code Would Empower Manufacturing in 2021

Low-code offers technology mechanisms for software development in the manufacturing industry.   

Elevating Supply Chain Transparency Using Blockchain

Blockchain holds great promise to elevate supply chain management. 

Top 3 Technology Trends that Will Define Construction in 2021

We've broken down three technology trends that are likely to define the construction sector in 2021.

Industry 5.0 - Toward a Human-centric Approach to Business Processes

While most businesses are striving for Industry 4.0, there has already been a heated discussion over Industry 5.0.  

Artificial Intelligence: What to Expect in 2021

Artificial intelligence (AI) has already caused disruptions across multiple industries in 2020. As we approach the end of a turbulent 2020, here are some...

5 Areas Every Firm Can Automate During Recovery Phase

During the new normal, RPA is the right technological solution for enterprises to reduce operational costs and increase efficiency. Let’s take a look at...

Health Insurance Claim: Machine Learning for Fraud Detection

The rising medical costs put health insurance at the central part of an individual's financial portfolio. Along with the increasing demands, insurers...

Augmented Intelligence for LOGISTICS: Humans and Computers Work in Tandem

In recent years, artificial intelligence was tapped to disrupt and innovate several industries, including logistics. However, technologies alone cannot...

CCTV System with the Power of Video Analytics in DX Era

This number may be shocking to you – there will be one billion of surveillance cameras installed and running worldwide in 2021, according to a report from ...

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