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Is Vietnam Ready for Supply Chain Shift from China?

As the COVID-19 situation has swept the world, a plethora of multinational firms are probably regretting their reliance on a single country for parts and...

Vietnam 2021: Ripe for Foreign Investment

Vietnam Ratifies a Bunch of Free Trade Agreements, What’s Next? Vietnam has curbed the COVID-19 spread better than most countries. Despite turmoil in global...

Vietnam as an Emerging IT and Digital Destination

As COVID-19 makes its way across the globe, much of the global economy is likely to be hit by a crisis similar to that of the Great Depression. To date,...

Digital Kaizen™: An Approach for Large-scale Digital Transformation

Less than 30% of digital transformations succeed at improving a company’s performance. So, how to beat the odds and unlock success in digital...

How AI Creates New Hopes for Healthcare Innovations

Explore how latest advancements in artificial intelligence has created new solutions for the healthcare sector.

Cloud Adoption in the Banking and Finance Industry: What, Why, and How?

Do you know that 95 percent of banks have already adopted cloud to better their operations and offerings? With COVID-19 showing no sign of slowing down,...

How Artificial Intelligence is Changing the Face of SaaS

AI and SaaS together can make a winning pair. The benefits from this collaboration, regarding customer support, personalization, and security can be...

Look back to Look forward: What Drives the Future of Technology?

As the end of this year is approaching, we can certainly say that 2020 is a year of unprecedented challenges. The unexpected factors have, more or less,...

Living on the Edge: How Edge Computing Could Benefit Businesses

In the era of IoT technologies, edge computing emerges as a new computing approach that could significantly benefit enterprises' network infrastructure

Cybersecurity – What the future holds

Let's take a look at three cybersecurity trends that would emerge shortly.

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