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Blockchain Solutions in Pandemic Time

Blockchain technology has shown its potential in different industries. This article emphasizes on how blockchain solutions can be adopted to improve our...

Digital ID in Supply-chain: Mutual Understanding among Suppliers

Decentralized digital ID is becoming a preferred choice for suppliers to build mutual trust in their supply chain management systems.

Strategic Business Value of Blockchain in Insurance

Many enterprises realize the strategic business value of blockchain after applying this technology in their business. So what are the actual strategic...

How Blockchain Can Prove Your ID in the Digital World

What is a digital ID? Although ID is one of the most popular terms nowadays, especially in such a digital world we are living in, very few institutions can...

4 Advantages of Having a Data Warehouse on Cloud

Cloud has become a disruptive solution for storing data and maintaining a data warehouse which brings about a bunch of advantages to enterprises.

AI Applications in the Maritime Industry

How one of the world's most ancient industries becomes AI-centric.

The Importance of Data for Business in the 2020s

Becoming data-centered is the critical technology strategy of many businesses worldwide. It is not a coincidence that the most valuable companies (based on...

Three Common Roadblocks that Hinder Enterprises’ Analytics Success

Find out challenges for enterprises in deriving benefits from analytics investments and how to address each one.

Why Data Analytics is an Absolute Must for Logistics Enterprises

Discover benefits data analytics could offer to logistics enterprises in order to unlock efficiencies and optimize businesses.

Wearable Tech as the New Tool in Proactively Monitoring Public Health

It’s not difficult to realize how significantly technology advancement has transformed the life of humanity. Of all domains, medicine and health care are...