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Cloud Banking: How Cloud Computing is Transforming The BFSI Industry

Cloud is more than just a technology buzzword. It is now a major catalyst for enterprise business transformation, especially a potential game-changer for how...

2022 Outlook: Technology to Empower Banking’s Post-Pandemic Recovery

2020 saw banks struggle with the impacts of the pandemic and lose focus on the technology race. The global banking and security sector’s spending on IT in 2020...

Cloud Adoption in the Banking and Finance Industry: What, Why, and How?

Do you know that 95 percent of banks have already adopted cloud to better their operations and offerings? With COVID-19 showing no sign of slowing down,...

How Artificial Intelligence Enhances Customer Experiences in Banking

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its applications are considered the wizardry that helps banks and financial institutions increase customer satisfaction, one...

Technology-led Innovations in Finance & Banking Sector

Interesting facts:

Three Ways RPA Benefit Bankers

Since the first automated teller machine (ATM) was invented in 1969, banks have constantly looked for ways to operate faster, leaner, and cheaper. Many have...

The 04-Question Strategy for Banks to Achieve RPA Success

Banks can take remarkable steps toward successful automation by answering 04 simple, yet fundamental questions: Why, What, When and How?

RPA to Enhance Anomalies Detection in Debit Card Transactions

How Robotic Process Automation could help banks improve efficiency in debit card fraud processing.

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