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Talk to Expert Episode 01: Power Transformation with Cloud Technology

FPT Software’s Talk to Expert series aims to provide comprehensive knowledge of modern technology for tech-savvy worldwide. Our top experts will express their...

Heralding the DX Race with the Power of Cloud & Big Data

The amount of data in our society has been growing exponentially, and "Big Data" is a key basis for staying ahead of the fierce competition. This next-gen...

Analytics & Decision - Making: Unlock the Power of Data

FPT Software's Data & Analytics delivers advanced technology solutions that turn data into actionable insights for operational needs and decision making....

Predictive Analytics in Aviation: Sky is the Limit

The pandemic is undoubtedly upsetting the status quo of aviation. It not only attacks incumbent's sources of profit but also triggers the waves of advances in...

Look back to Look forward: What Drives the Future of Technology?

As the end of this year is approaching, we can certainly say that 2020 is a year of unprecedented challenges. The unexpected factors have, more or less,...

Three Ways Healthcare Can Extract Values from Big Data Analytics

Healthcare emerges as one of the promising sectors where big data analytics and its applications could receive their own recognition. 

A Future beyond Brick and Mortar: How Technology Can Transform Retail

A closer look at how retailers can make use of technologies to facilitate customer experience.  

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