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Cloud as an Answer for System Resilience in Healthcare

As the COVID-19 pandemic keeps testing capabilities of the healthcare industry worldwide, medical services providers are questing for solutions to ensure...

Leveraging the Power of Cloud with FPT Cloud Professional Services

Exploring the fundamental benefits of Cloud services and how FPT can help enterprises leverage the power of this emerging technology.

Are You Ready for the Cloud?

What is cloud computing? Why are enterprises choosing cloud? How to avoid pitfalls on the journey to the cloud? Find answers for these questions, and you...

New Approach for Cloud Journeys with Digital Lab & akaClaud

As enterprise cloud spending is now on the rise, new solutions have been developed to match with diverse business needs.

Cloud Journey with Digital Kaizen™

In the last five years, many companies started their own Cloud program and failed or stuck in the middle. What are the reasons behind? Let’s take a look...

How Cloud Offices Enable Remote Working

Explore how virtual offices powered by Cloud computing has enabled the practice of remote working

4 Advantages of Having a Data Warehouse on Cloud

Cloud has become a disruptive solution for storing data and maintaining a data warehouse which brings about a bunch of advantages to enterprises.

AWS Managed Service Marketplace: Tools and Technologies Are Key Differentiators for FPT

There are numerous tools and technologies available to help an AWS managed service partner like FPT to carry out its day-to-day operations.

How Managed Services are Different in AWS Environments: Traditional Hosted, On-premise

Managed services are different in an AWS environment from traditional hosted or on-premise, especially with automation enabled by DevOps practices. This...

AWS CloudFormation: Infrastructure As Code On AWS

Amazon Web Service (AWS) is a strategic partner of FPT Software during the development of cloud computing capabilities. In recent 2016, FPT Software...