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Data Sharing in Healthcare – What It Means for Security

The healthcare industry has embraced technology to handle its vast medical records data. When digitized, data would become interoperable by different...

On Cloud Nine: Elevating Healthcare Services with Cloud Computing

In this day and age, data is the new oil. But how to effectively collect, store and utilize data remains a challenge. In the healthcare sector, it is no...

The Innovative Future of Healthcare: Three Tech Trends to Empower

The future of healthcare is digital, and the ongoing pandemic undoubtedly accelerates the transition. According to HIMSS, 80% of health systems plan to...

AI in Healthcare: A Stakeholder Perspective

Over the last few years, AI has moved from the realm of science fiction to a tangible technology that dramatically reshapes the healthcare sector.

How AI Creates New Hopes for Healthcare Innovations

Explore how latest advancements in artificial intelligence has created new solutions for the healthcare sector.

Three Ways Healthcare Can Extract Values from Big Data Analytics

Healthcare emerges as one of the promising sectors where big data analytics and its applications could receive their own recognition. 

Cloud as an Answer for System Resilience in Healthcare

As the COVID-19 pandemic keeps testing capabilities of the healthcare industry worldwide, medical services providers are questing for solutions to ensure...

Blockchain Solutions in Pandemic Time

Blockchain technology has shown its potential in different industries. This article emphasizes on how blockchain solutions can be adopted to improve our...

Wearable Tech as the New Tool in Proactively Monitoring Public Health

It’s not difficult to realize how significantly technology advancement has transformed the life of humanity. Of all domains, medicine and health care are among...

Analytics to Drive Sustainability in Competitive Advantages

Knowledge has been historically identified by academia as one of the core factors that can create and sustain a business’ competitive advantage. Such a belief...

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