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Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence: A Sensible Mash-up in Vaccine Rollout

Self-Driving the Future of Parcel Delivery

Last-mile delivery, as the name would suggest, refers to the final miles of a parcel’s journey to the customers’ doorsteps. Despite its minor role, last-mile...

Augmented Intelligence for LOGISTICS: Humans and Computers Work in Tandem

In recent years, artificial intelligence was tapped to disrupt and innovate several industries, including logistics. However, technologies alone cannot...

The Need for DX in Logistics amidst COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has created roadblocks for economic activities worldwide. People have avoided the three Cs (closed spaces, crowded places, close-contact...

AI Applications in the Maritime Industry

How one of the world's most ancient industries becomes AI-centric.

Why Data Analytics is an Absolute Must for Logistics Enterprises

Discover benefits data analytics could offer to logistics enterprises in order to unlock efficiencies and optimize businesses.

Digitalization of Import/Export Procedure using Blockchain

Bill of Lading (B/L) is a freight shipping document made, signed and issued by a carrier to a shipper, in which the carrier acknowledges the receipt of a...

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