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Mitigating the Cybersecurity Risks in Smart Manufacturing

Manufacturers' transition to digital and cloud has, however, accelerated the importance of effective cybersecurity measures in a growing battle against...

Industrial Internet of Things - Gateway to Building Smart Factories

Manufacturers have called out the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) as critical in their digital transformation initiatives, but only a handful has...

Three Ways Low-code Would Empower Manufacturing in 2021

Low-code offers technology mechanisms for software development in the manufacturing industry.   

Smart Factories of the Post-Pandemic Future

The new definition of smart factories after the onset of COVID-19 and how to achieve it.

Key Factors for a Successful Smart Manufacturing Journey

Every success requires adequate investments. Discover 5 areas manufacturers shall focus on to turn smart manufacturing ambition into reality.

Best Practices for Global Integration Strategy in Manufacturing

In the era of Digital Transformation, manufacturing firms need a drastic evolution through process innovation, standardization, and integration in alignment...

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