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Revolutionizing Manufacturing: Image Processing Augments IoT's Capabilities

The manufacturing industry is currently in a pivotal phase, experiencing a transformative convergence of IoT armed with Image Processing technologies. This...

Paving the Way: AI & Manufacturing 4.0 with DM Radio

This is a follow-up to recap some of the key points discussed during DM Radio’s episode titled, “Manufacturing 4.0 and Data-Centric AI” hosted by Eric Kavanagh.

From Linear to Circular – Greening Manufacturing with the Power of AI

The future of manufacturing is circular. The traditional take-make-waste model is no longer suitable – not only is it environmentally unfriendly, but it also...

Smarter and Greener: En Route to Sustainable Manufacturing with Technology

The future of manufacturing is sustainability – over 87% of the surveyed manufacturers are set to become neutral-carbon by 2040. As the clock is ticking, can...

Mitigating the Cybersecurity Risks in Smart Manufacturing

Manufacturers' transition to digital and cloud has, however, accelerated the importance of effective cybersecurity measures in a growing battle against...

Industrial Internet of Things - Gateway to Building Smart Factories

Manufacturers have called out the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) as critical in their digital transformation initiatives, but only a handful has...

Three Ways Low-code Would Empower Manufacturing in 2021

Low-code offers technology mechanisms for software development in the manufacturing industry.   

Smart Factories of the Post-Pandemic Future

The new definition of smart factories after the onset of COVID-19 and how to achieve it.

Key Factors for a Successful Smart Manufacturing Journey

Every success requires adequate investments. Discover 5 areas manufacturers shall focus on to turn smart manufacturing ambition into reality.

Best Practices for Global Integration Strategy in Manufacturing

In the era of Digital Transformation, manufacturing firms need a drastic evolution through process innovation, standardization, and integration in alignment...

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