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Simplify Blockchain Security via Examples

Do you still confuse about Blockchain security? This article will give you the overview of Blockchain security through 4 examples.

SHARE TO BE SHARED x akaChain - Topic #2: Blockchain

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The first topic of SHARE TO BE SHARED: AI had ended and we have received a large number of articles submitted. We have finalized the winner of Best article of...


Today, August 28, the first topic ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE is officially closed for submission. After the first month of the SHARE TO BE SHARED contest, we have...

CIFAR10:  94% Of Accuracy By 50 Epochs With End-to-End Training

This article is developed to help Computer Vision beginners in getting a adequate grasp of working procedure for a Image Classification problem.

Will AI Era Become The End Of Code ?

The progress of AI makes many jobs are gradually disappearing. In the era of digital transformation, whether AI will replace programmers or create new...

Human Resources Analytics For Saving The Value Of Talents

Talents are the power which fuels our organizations. In current highly competitive market, how can we attract, nurture and retain this most valuable asset? The...

Privacy In A Data-Driven Society

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been thriving the past few decades, that is for sure. Lots of things are now automated, or on their way to be, in order to...

SHARE TO BE SHARED - AI: Topic Closes Today - Submit Now or Regret Later!

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Text Summarization in Machine Learning

1. Introduction Text Summarization is a subtask of Natural Language Processing (NLP) to generate a short text but contains main ideas of a reference document....

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