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Key Factors for a Successful Smart Manufacturing Journey

Every success requires adequate investments. Discover 5 areas manufacturers shall focus on to turn smart manufacturing ambition into reality.

New Approach for Cloud Journeys with Digital Lab & akaClaud

As enterprise cloud spending is now on the rise, new solutions have been developed to match with diverse business needs.

Cloud Journey with Digital Kaizen™

In the last five years, many companies started their own Cloud program and failed or stuck in the middle. What are the reasons behind? Let’s take a look...

Low-code - The Game Changer for Business Application Development

The term Low-Code has become an extraordinarily disruptive approach in the business application journey, leading to extensive confusion among enterprises...

How Zero-touch Technology is Changing the Way We Live and Interact?

COVID-19 pandemic has been a reminder of how touch-free solutions can make our lives better. So much of our life activated with buttons and touchscreens....

Low-code – An Effective Approach to Manage Uncertainties

The COVID-19 pandemic has been resulting severe impacts on global economy and business operations. Yet, it helps enterprises to realize how vulnerable they...

Three Ways RPA Benefit Bankers

Since the first automated teller machine (ATM) was invented in 1969, banks have constantly looked for ways to operate faster, leaner, and cheaper. Many have...

Low-code 101 and How It Benefits Enterprises

Get a closer look at the technology buzzword of recent years and explore its role in driving businesses’ better outcomes.

COVID-19: Impacts across Key Sectors

The COVID-19 outbreak has brought upon unprecedented challenges to the world economy, and is expected to have significant impacts on several sectors. This...

How Insurers Accelerate Recovery Post-Covid-19 through Digital Adoption

The pandemic will certainly end, but how should insurance companies prepare to operate after that? Digitalization might offer the answer.